High Blood Pressure Treatment: What Are The Natural Ways Of Curing High Blood Pressure? 

High Blood Pressure Treatment

high blood pressure treatment:

High blood pressure usually result because of an unhealthy lifestyle and how can we control our high blood pressure should be very key to us. One of the best way you can get back to normal blood pressure values and is one of the “cure” for high blood pressure is the changing of your lifestyle and knowing what foods you can think of when considering how to lower blood pressure instantly in an emergency.

However, medication is only a high blood pressure treatment which reduces your symptoms, that is high blood pressure, but it doesn’t cure the causes of high blood pressure in your body.Below are home remedies for high blood pressure that really works.

Get Rid of High Blood Pressure Naturally and Forever

  1. Garlic

Garlic is very good for the body, research have proven that garlic is very much effective in lowering high blood pressure effects in the body. You can consume either raw or cooked, but eating it raw will make you to get the maximum benefits. Garlic reduces cholesterol levels in the body. This is one of the food you should be taken,when you want to know how to control high blood pressure immediately.

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2. Onion juice

Onions are full of of anti-oxidants which help to lower the blood pressure level in the body, thereby serving as blood pressure treatment.

3. Losing weight (= healthy diet & exercise)

One of the cause of high blood pressure is “those extra pounds on the hip”. Therefore losing weight through a healthy, balanced diet and exercise has the potential to decrease your blood pressure and also high blood sugar levels or high blood fat values. Therefore healthy diet and exercise are some of high blood pressure treatment that you should incorporate in your daily routine.

High Blood Pressure Can Be Controlled


Vegetables, fruit and fresh ingredients are blood pressure friendly diet that we should eat regularly as part of high blood pressure treatment. You should avoid a high consumption of meat and high-fat animal products such as cheese as well as fast food and canned/processed food.

Ensure that you eat foods that are rich in vitamin C, D and magnesium because they have a lowering effect on the blood pressure in your body. Healthy foods by this definition are fish such as tuna or salmon, bell peppers, eggs, corn,mushrooms, strawberry, soy beans,carrots, kale, spinach, tomatoes, asparagus, kiwi, oranges, cashew nuts, bananas, almonds and pine nuts. 


high blood pressure treatment:

One other high blood pressure treatment which most blood pressure patients can do, is to engage in low-intensity exercise, but this should be done after consultation with your doctor especially if you are in Stage 2 Hypertension or higher. But on the whole, try and engage in optimal activities such as walking, swimming doing small gardening work. The American Heart Association recommends some moderate activity three to four times per week for 40 minutes, which will ensure proper blood flow.

6.Coconut water

Those who are suffering from hypertension, should ensure that they keep their body well hydrated which is one of the simplest high blood pressure treatment. It’s recommended that you drink a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water per day. Studies has shown that coconut water is very good for decreasing the blood pressure in our body.

7.Reducing stress

One of the major cause of high blood pressure in our society today is stress and has send many to early grave. Therefore, it’s vital to take some time off to relax every day. Taking deep breathing every few hours can help to decrease your values. Also, you might also want to try out yoga or meditate in the mornings or evenings. By minimizing the levels of stress will help to reduce the chances of having hypertension, which is one of the best and simple high blood pressure treatment. Try to take a deep breath, relax, sit back in your chair and take some good thoughts in mind. 


Honey is very good for our body because it help to reduce the heart pressure rate and by soothing the blood vessels thereby lowering the body blood pressure levels. Try to eat 1-2 tablespoon of honey every morning in empty stomach.

9.Boiled potatoes

Boiled potatoes are very much good for lowering the blood pressure effects in our body. The potassium and the magnesium content in potatoes are very effective in lowering the blood pressure levels in the body.

10. Reducing salt/sodium intake (… is only in some cases useful)

Salt or sodium already has a very negative image in the media today because of its alleged effects on the blood pressure on our body. Recent studies have shown that reducing salt intake by more than half, on average, would only result in an 2–5mmHg (systolic) or 1–3mmHg (diastilc) decrease of your blood pressure therefore serving as  high blood pressure treatment.

Please note that by just reducing the salt intake can have a significant impact on the blood pressure. Though it is quite hard to control salt intake because nearly all food you can buy at the supermarkets has salt added in their production process. Reducing salt intake therefore means looking very closely on packaging labels and eating healthy diet is a one of the best way for high blood pressure treatment.

11. Banana

Banana are the richest source of potassium which reduces the sodium effect in our body. It is one of the best and effective high blood pressure treatment. Daily in take of banana will help to controls high blood pressure. 


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