Stop Removing Chicken Skin, It’s Actually Good for You Says Doctors


Stop Removing Chicken Skin, It’s Actually Good for You – Doctors

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Stop Removing Chicken Skin, It’s Actually Good for You

Many of us remove the chicken skin  before eating because we have been told that it is bad for your health.  And that it’s not only fattening, but can also raise cholesterol and blood pressure levels and can even contribute to heart disease.cbd

Recent studies have prove wrong the above recommendation. You don’t need to remove chicken skin before you cook and eat it.

Stop Removing Chicken Skin, It’s Actually Good for You

We all agree that chicken skin mainly consists of monounsaturated fat, in the form of oleic acid. Oleic acid, also found in olive oil, is known for beneficial effects on cholesterol. Majority of fat in chicken skin is actually heart-healthy unsaturated fats, according to Harvard School of Public Health. The U.S. Department of Agriculture(USDA) National Nutrient Database reports that 1 ounce of chicken skin contains about 3 grams of saturated fat, but provides 8 grams of unsaturated fat.

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Health experts from the University of Harvard confirmed that eating chicken skin, specifically in moderation, will not cause health problems. Plus, the skin that many people have been avoiding for decades has some benefits, including:

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Chicken Skin Good For The Heart.

This is probably the biggest surprise about chicken skin is that it not your heart’s enemy – which has been the main reason why people stay away from it for several years.

Eating monounsaturated fats in moderation which can be obtained from Chicken can help reduce bad cholesterol and lower your risk of heart disease and stroke, according to the American Heart AssociationLike avocados, which have also been shunned because of their fat content, chicken skin contains unsaturated fat, a type of fat that is heart-friendly. Unsaturated fat can help lower both blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels, while regulating hormones.

The calories aren’t that high, especially when compared to skinless chicken.

A 12-ounce serving of chicken with the skin intact just has 50 more calories than skinless chicken of the same serving size.

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It’s flavorful.

And what’s good about a flavorful dish? You don’t have to add extra salt to make it tastier. You probably already know the horrors of eating too much salt every day, so it is advised to lower your consumption as much as possible.

Dismerit of Eating the Chicken Skin   

The only dismerit of eating the skin of your chicken is that it adds extra calories and saturated fat to your meal. The USDA reports that 1 cup of cooked chicken breast without the skin contains 231 calories, but a cup of cooked chicken breast with skin contains 276 calories. While the majority of fat in chicken skin is unsaturated fat, the skin does contain 3 grams of saturated fat per ounce — which is the same amount present in 1 cup of cooked chicken breast. The American Heart Association suggests limiting saturated fat in your diet to 5 or 6 percent of your total daily calorie intake, which equates to about 13 grams of saturated fat daily when eating 2,000 calories.

Please note that there are both benefits and dismerit for removing the skin on your chicken before eating it. You are advised to eat it in moderation, and as such it won’t drastically increase your calorie intake or your risk for heart disease, and you should always have a well-balanced meal plan. Chicken skin has gotten a bad rap because it’s high in fat. But because chicken skin contains more heart-healthy unsaturated fat than saturated fat, it’s not as bad as you may think.


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