12 Reasons Why Many Marry The Wrong Person Which Causes Divorce


Reasons Why Many Marry The Wrong Person Which Causes DivorceReasons Why Many Pick The Wrong Person To Marry That Lead To High Divorce Rate

With the divorce frequency over 50 percentage, too many are apparently making a serious mistake in deciding who to commit the rest of “peoples lives” with. To forestall becoming a “statistic,” to continue efforts to internalize these 12 insights.

1.      You pick the wrong party because you expect him/ her to change after you’re married .

The serious mistake. Never marriage potential. The golden rule is, if you can’t be happy with the person the way he or she is now, don’t get married. As a peer of mine so wisely place it,” You actually can expect parties to be something else after coming the nuptial vow!” event when you later invite  family law mediator.

Concerning the other person’s personal cleanliness, spirituality, character,  communication talents, and daily habits, make sure you can live with these as they are now.

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2. You pick the wrong party because you concentrated more on chemistry than on character.
Chemistry kindles the flaming, but good character impedes it burning. You have to critically examine the term  “I am in love with you” dysfunction. It often represents,” I’m in crave .” Attraction is there, have you actually audit this your would be spouse character? Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D., the writer of “5 Reasons Not to Marry the One You Love,” warn those going into marriage not to concentrate more on the chemistry than the spouse character.

Bellow are the four character traits to look for:

Humility: Does this person is agree that “doing the right thing” is more relevant than personal solace?

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Kindness: Does this person has the habits showing kindness to other parties? How does s/ he treat parties s/ he doesn’t have to be nice to? Does s/ he do volunteer work? Commit to charity?

Responsibility: Can I depend on this person to do what s/ he says s/ he’s will eventually do?

Happiness: Does your intending spouse like himself? Does s/ he experience life? Is s/ he emotionally stable?

Question yourself: Do I intend to be more like this person? I am I willing to have a child with this person? Would I like their own children to turn out like him or her? You need to answer this questions very well to avoid the frequent rate of divorce.

3. You pick the wrong party because the man doesn’t understand what a woman desire      most.
Women and Men have unique psychological motivations, and more often than not, it is the man who only doesn’t “get it.” Jewish practice put the onus on the man to understand the psychological needs of a woman and to fulfill them.

The unique the requirements of the status of women is to be loved — is of the view that she should be higher attention by her husband. The partner needs to give her consistent, good attention.



This is most obvious in Judaism’s perspective to intimacy. The Torah enjoined the partner to attend to the private needs of his wife. You know that intimacy is always on the woman’s words. Guy are goal-oriented, especially when it comes this area. As a wise girl once pointed out,” Men have two quickens: on and off .” Women are experience-oriented. When a man is able to change at the right time and also be able to read between the lines, he will discover what constitutes his wife’s happiness. When the man forgets about his personal needs and concentrate on making his wife to be happy, amazing things happen and the issue of divorce will be eliminated!

Reasons Why Many Marry The Wrong Person Which Causes Divorce


4.   You select the wrong party because you do not share a common life points and priorities.

There are three basic behaviors we connect with anothers:

compatibility and chemistry
common interests
common life goal
Make sure you share the deeper height of connection that sharing life points furnish. After matrimony, the two of you will either develop together or develop apart. To forestall flourishing apart, it is necessary figure out what you’re “living for,” while you’re yet to marry — and then look for the person who has come to the same resolution as you.

This is the true definition of a “soul mate.” Your soul mate should be your goal mate — two individuals who later share the same belief of life’s vision and invariably share the same priorities, values and goals.

5. You Select the wrong party because you get intimately involved so fast.
Getting easily intimated before the obligations of the matrimony can be a big problem because it often prevents a amply honest investigate of important issues. A marriage without proper courtship will lead to a bad decision.

It is not necessary to take a” exam drive” in order to find out if a spouse is physically compatible. When you are doing your background checks, make sure you are intellectually and emotionally compatible, there is no need to worry about it. Recent studies on divorce has shown that conflict in the intimate arena is almost never cited as the cause why people divorce.

6. You select the wrong party because you do not have a deeper psychological connect      with this person.

To assessed whether you have a deeper psychological connect or not, question:” Do I respect and admire my intending spouse?”

I am not saying that the person merely impressed you! We are amazed by a Mercedes. We do not respect someone since they are own a Mercedes. You should be impressed by calibers of productivity, love, tenacity, etc.

Also ask:” Can I rely on this person ?” This is means that,” Is he/ she emotionally stable? Do I find I can rely on him/ her?

7. You pick the wrong party because you choose someone with whom you don’t feel            emotionally safe.

Ask yourself the following questions: Do I find tranquilizes, quiet and tighten with this person? Can I amply be myself and feel at home with the would be spouse? I am I feeling good when with the person? Do you have a really close friend who does build you feel this channel? Make sure the person or persons you marriage constitutes “you’re feeling” the same channel!

Are you feeling scared of this person in any way? You don’t need to discovered that you need to monitor what you say because you are afraid of how the other person will deem it. If you’re afraid to express your fondness and opinions openly, there’s a problem with the relationship.

Another aspect of seeming safe is that you don’t feel the other person is trying to control you. Seeing demeanor are a sign of an abusive party. Be on the look out for someone who is always trying to change your person. There’s a big demarcation between “controlling” and” proffering suggests .” A suggest is reached for your advantage; a restrict word is reached for their benefit.

8. You pick the wrong party because you don’t applied everything on the table.
Anything that vexes you about the relationship is necessary brought up for discussion. Creating up the uncomfortable material is the only way to evaluate how well the two of you express, negotiate, and work together. Over such courses of a lifetime, predicaments will unavoidably arise. You need to know now, before making a commitment: Can you resolve your differences and find system that work for both of you to avoid future divorce?

Never be afraid to let the person know what bothers you. This is also a channel for you to exam how vulnerable you can be with this person. When you are not important, invariably you can’t be intimate. The two start hand in hand.

9. You pick the wrong party because you use the affairs to escape from personal  predicament and unhappiness.
If you are sad and single, you’ll likely be sad and married, very. Marriage does not fix personal, mental and psychological difficulties. If anything, matrimony will increase them that eventually leads to divorce.

If you are unhappy with yourself and your life, take responsibility to fixings it now while you are yet to marry. You’ll be happy, and the person you will later marry will thank you.

10. You pick the wrong party because he/ she is involved in a triangle.
This is when a person is emotionally dependent on someone or something else while trying to develop another relation. A person who hasn’t separated from his or her parents is the classic instance of triangulation. Beings can also be triangulated with thoughts as well, such as operate, doses, Internet, hobbies, athletics or money.

Be careful that you and your marriage are exempt from triangles. The party caught in the triangle cannot been sufficiently emotionally available to you. You will not be their number one priority. And there is no basis for  marriage in the first instance.

Most people have never sit down know who they really are as individuals and that constitutes them not to know what they miss in a partner

11. You pick the wrong party because you have not been single long enough to know              and understand yourself.
A lot of people do not know who they are and miss they genuinely miss, hence they end up adjudicating with the wrong party for the wrong grounds. They then later discover themselves and it soon becomes apparent that they are incompatible with project partners they have chosen. This then leads to them attempting credence outside their matrimony and eventually it all ends in a busted relation and divorce.

Everyone needs to to be single long enough to discover whom they genuinely are, what they miss, where “they’re going” and also grow as individuals before attempting a matrimony partner.

12 Reasons Why Many Marry The Wrong Person


12. You pick the wrong party because you didn’t seek the face of God 

The author of marriage is God, You are to consult Him before you choose your partner. He said without Him you can do nothing. Given the many problems confronting singles and preventing many from entering into their marital joy. Genesis 2:18 give us the direction for marriage, You have to ensure that such issues of marriage are specifically addressed through prayer and the word of God and asking Him to go with on this life journey so that you don’t fail and if He is with you,  your mouth will be filled with overcoming laughter with respect to marriage and by extension every area of your life. You are to note that God hate divorce, so be very careful when making your choice.


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