Arteries Foods : Foods That Naturally Unclog Arteries That Will Shock You!


Foods That Naturally Unclog Arteries

Arteries Foods

natural-ways-clear- Arteries plaque

Arteries are very important to the human body, the coronary arteries help in the delivery of blood to the heart muscle.

And ensuring a continuous supply of oxygen and nutrients to the body that are needed for it to function normally and stay healthy.  BP-Optimizer-Blood Pressure

Because of the importance of the arteries to our body, it is everyone goal to maintain or restore a healthy heart.

Because of the numerous junk we eat every day which cause plaque build-up in the arteries.

And there are natural ways that we can clear stroke causing plaque from our arteries.

So, it can be by eating the different types of foods that can assist to fight cardiovascular illness by unclogging arteries of plaque build-up, reduce inflammation, lower your blood pressure and also stroke prevention.

And thereby giving you more energy and gives you a healthy heart without the use of toxic chemicals.CBD GUMMIES


A stroke occurs in the body when the blood supply to part of your brain is hindered or severely reduced, thereby depriving the brain tissue of nutrients and oxygen, this causes different types of stroke.

And within some minutes the body brain cells will begin to die. Please not that stroke is a medical emergency.

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1. Avocado

avocao Foods to Unclog Arteries

Avocado pear is good for your health, and recent research have shown that people who consume avocado on daily basis will experience improved blood cholesterol, decrease in triglycerides and LDL of about 22% and an 11% increase in HDL – that is the “good” cholesterol which helps to keep arteries clear of any obstructions thereby serving as stroke treatment.  

Also, the average avocado contains around 11 grams of fiber and 4 grams protein. And it also contain vitamins and antioxidants.

Foods For Unclog Arteries-Best Health And Food Tips

2. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds should form part of daily food as part of a heart-healthy diet.

And it contains fiber and alpha-linolenic acid which help to keep arteries clear thereby regulating blood pressure.

While also lowering triglycerides, reducing LDL cholesterol levels and increasing HDL cholesterol. 

Also, Chia seeds improve heart health and keep arteries clear. And it contain protein and nutrients which aid and make workout easier.SKINCELL PRO

3. Broccoli

broccoli Foods to Unclog Arteries

Broccoli contains vitamin K that helps to prevent hardening of arteries or calcification.  

And broccoli is also packed with antioxidant and vitamin which help to prevent oxidation of LDL cholesterol that can lead to serious heart conditions.  

Also, it offers a heart-healthy dose of fiber that helps to reduce stress and normalize blood-pressure.

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4. Coconut Oil

People generally believe that all saturated fats are not good for our body because it cause cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis.  

But that daily intake of about 2 or 3 tablespoons of coconut oil can help to reduce build-up in the arteries.

Because it aids the conversion of cholesterol in the blood stream into a usable form by our bodies.

And coconut oil also contains lauric acid and medium-chain triglyceride which help to improve blood coagulation.

Also, it perform antioxidant functions in the blood stream which reduce the risk of heart disease.

 5. Cinnamon

cinnamon Foods to Unclog Arteries

Cinnamon is an healthy food that prevent the risk of heart disease.

Also a tablespoon of ground cinnamon per day can reduce cholesterol levels and also clear and prevent plaque build-up.

And it’s also full of antioxidants that improve cardiovascular health and protect the blood from damaging oxidation.  

So, take cinnamon in a cup of tea or just sprinkled it on top of coffee and experience a powerful cinnamon recipe.

6. Cold-water “Fatty” Fish

Foods to Unclog Arteries fatty fish

Cold-water fish can help to clear arteries, especially mackerel, salmon, sardines and tuna.  

And eating of cold-water fish twice in week can help you to reduce plaque build-up and inflammation which can lead to heart disease.

Also it help in increasing HDL cholesterol and lowering triglyceride levels in the blood-stream.

 7. Coffee

Moat people have the notion that coffee is bad for our health. But recent research have found that people that drink between 8 and 16 oz of coffee daily are less likely to have the risk of heart disease by about 20%.  

Also, please note that moderation is key, because of caffeine. Ensure that you take healthy coffee!EYESIGHT TREATMENT

8. Flaxseeds

flaxseed Foods to Unclog Arteries

Flaxseeds are best known for their ability in reducing our blood-pressure and inflammation, They are one of the best sources of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).

Flaxseeds help to keep our arteries clear of any obstructions and improve our body overall heart health.  

So, try serving of 100% organic golden flaxseed which should be added to a delicious smoothie and also, having a good heart-healthy recipes will not be  bad idea!

9. Cranberries

Cranberries are super-foods that are rich in antioxidant which can help in reducing LDL and raising HDL cholesterol levels thereby improving cardiovascular health.

And cranberry juice has more antioxidant strenght than all but one other fruit juice.

Also, taking two servings of 100% pure organic cranberry juice on a daily basis will help to improve and protect your heart to be healthy.


10. Spinach

Spinach contains potassium, fiber and folate  which help in clearing the arteries and lower blood pressure.  

And recent research has shown that a daily intake of folate-rich greens like spinach can lower homocysteine levels which a known risk factor for the body cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis.  

So, try your spinach sautéed, especially in a salad, and also a heart-smart smoothie!

11. Orange Juice

Orange juice contains antioxidant vitamin C that help clear your arteries by preventing oxidative damage in your blood stream.

And daily intake of two cups of 100% orange juice without sugar can help to improve blood pressure and reduce arteries inflammation.

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cbd oil12. Watermelon

watermelon Foods to Unclog Arteries

Watermelon is a wonderful and delicious fruit that is good for your heart.

And it contains amino acid L-citrulline, and also help to keep the arteries clear of build-up by decreasing inflammation and lowering blood pressure.  

Also, watermelon also naturally stimulates the production of nitric oxide, which improves the health of the artery  and blood pressure.

13. Persimmon

Persimmons fruits are loaded with polyphenols and antioxidants, that decreases LDL and triglycerides in our blood-stream.

And persimmons fruits are a great source of fiber that helps to regulate blood pressure, keep your arteries clear and help to have a heart healthy.

14. Turmeric

Foods to Unclog Arteries tumeric

The main component of Turmeric is Curcumin, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient.  

And developing a healthy habit of adding turmeric to your diet will significantly reduce inflammation.

Of course, any damage to your arterial walls usually causes blood clots and plaque build-up in the body.

Also, research have shown that we can reduce fatty deposits in our arteries by up to 26% by consuming curcumin in Turmeric. 

15. Spirulina

spirulina Foods to Unclog Arteries

Spirulina which is cytobacteria also called blue-green algae helps to regulate lipid levels in the blood, and is 65% highly-digestible protein.

And spirulina contains all of the relevant amino acids that are needed by our body to maintain optimum health.  

Also, it’s packed with a lot of essential fatty acids, such as alpha-linolenic acid.

And is the all important omega-3 fatty acid that been researched and known for its ability to improve cardiovascular health and radically reduce arterial inflammation.  

And daily intake of Spirulina as a supplement and also as a powder form will be a wonderful idea for a delicious recipes.

16. Whole Grains

WholeGrains_ Foods to Unclog Arteries

whole grain are good alternatives which give your heart health a boost.

And whole grains are known for playing prominent role in improving blood-cholesterol levels.

Infact, it reduces the risk of serious heart disease and keeping arteries clear.

Also, whole grains examples are whole wheat pastas, whole grain breads,brown rice, barley, quinoa and oatmeal.


  1. I promise to take these foods every day until I am relieved from my risk of heart disease. Thank you for this list. It’s very helpful to have all the information summed up into one article.

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  3. These are great suggestions for a healthy blood flow. These are always included in our diet for a healthy eating lifestyle.


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