How To Strengthen Willpower


The Most Effective Ways to Strengthen Your Willpower and Achieve More in Fitness.


 Strengthen Willpower

Most people don’t know that it is not our muscles only that make us to be stronger but also our willpower.   There is something that differentiate a professional athlete and a regular person. While most people will think that it’s inborn talents or genetics, Though having genes can make your muscles recover and also grow faster, but what actually make the difference is the your willpower, which is ability to continue to move forward no matter how hard it becomes. Most professional athletes don’t have any special talents or genes but are just regular people that tried their best to achieve their dreams, with their willpower.

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The following are the most effective ways for us to increase our willpower:

1. Eliminate Harmful Habits From Your Life:

You are what you do daily, most people make efforts to increase their willpower to make their life better without looking at their daily habits that affects their healthy lifestyle, you need to leave those unnecessary things behind. If you are having harmful habits like drinking too much alcohol, meeting with toxic people or smoking, then you have to say goodbye to these habits way to strengthen your willpower.

Please note that changing of bad bad habits has to be a gradual process that requires determination.



2. Learn to be Patient

Strengthen and Willpower

The patient dog eat the biggest bone, have you ever had in a situation in which you failed just because of impatience or annoyance? You’re not alone. This affects both rich businessman or student. There will always be situations that will cause your annoyance, but the best thing to do  is to stay calm and also to be patient by intentionally focus on relaxing your body, because it will benefit you and those around you. The atmosphere you create determines what grow in you and your success in life is decided by what you are willing to ignore.

3. Entirely Eliminate Junk Foods:

Eliminating junk foods from your diet is on of the sure way to live a healthy lifestyle and a strong willpower. 

The easy way to do this is to start by eliminating just a few of your chosen junk foods gradually until you finally reach a point that you could only eat healthy foods. Also, developing a healthy eating plan is the right step in the right direction.

A recent study at the University of Pennsylvania, it was discovered that children with better self-control were not prone to become overweight as they grow to become adult, because of their ability to control delay gratification and impulses.

Eat what is healthy and delicious at the same time. If you like bananas, yogurt, chicken, or any other healthy foods, When you now form the habit of eating healthy foods, you won’t even feel like eating any junk foods because you’ll get accustomed to healthy foods. 

Willpower – Scientifically Proven Techniques to Increase Willpower

4. Study

One of the most effective ways to boost your willpower is studying because it trains your brain to be more focus.

If there is a particular topic that you’ve always wanted to study but never have had the time because of busy schedule, then do it now. Just start with 15 minutes of free time per day. You will be amazed how proficient you will be in less than a year! Using this simple method will make a big difference in your life, because recent studies has found that when you create self-imposed deadlines for your self, it can help boost your willpower in the same way and how to increase willpower to study.

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We know that most of us don’t have a good healthy eating plan, hence we don’t keep track the food we are eating, in like manner, most people don’t track their spending either. Studies has shown that just simply keeping track of how you spend your money will improve your willpower. Even if your spending habits is not cutback that would also be a willpower workout.

We recommend that you try using a budgeting app to track you spending like Mint. Just by reviewing your expenses on a regular basis, you will notice an increase in your ability to resist some unwanted expenses and focus.


Another way to strengthen your willpower is to trick yourself into better behavior. A researcher and psychologist, Nicole Mead,  of the Catolica-Lisbon School of Business and Economics lecturer, said that by postponing consumption of an unhealthy snack to an unspecified future time can reduce snack intake.  The researcher believes that by reducing desire, is an good strategy for controlling cravings. for unwanted food. 

The period of the postponement gives your brain a cooling-off  which leads to your refusal to say no to the snack than yesses says Mead. But that the postponement of such snacks should not be specific. In Mead’s worlds, don’t say “I’ll eat that entire Fudgie the Whale Carvel Ice Cream Cake in 30 minutes.”Rather say, “I’ll eat the cake at some point later.”


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