Julissa Arce,Goldman Sachs Banker Rose Through Ranks as an Undocumented Immigrant


Julissa Arce Undocumented Immigrant Became a Star

Julissa Arce

Julissa Arce, Goldman Sachs Banker

Julissa Arce Humble Beginning

 Julissa Arce had an humble beginning from selling funnel cakes in Texas to now at derivatives, Goldman Sachs, earning $340,000 a year. Notwithstanding working 80-hour weeks which is Wall Street’s most profitable securities firm. Twenty-two floors high, Manhattan skyscraper. CBD OIL


In September 2007.  She had a call from her blood sister that her father was dying in Taxco de Alarcón, which a small and hilly city in Mexico, Julissa Arce had to leaves the row where her colleagues and her create derivatives and market same to rich people. With the bad new she walks down the hall were she opens the bathroom door, not knowing what to do, she locks herself in a stall. 

Goldman Sachs Banker Rose Through Ranks as an Undocumented Immigrant

The Bible Verse That Inspired Julissa Arce

Here’s the best part of her story! Inside the bathroom, not know what to do, she remember this powerful scripture in the bible! “Do not be anxious about anything,”which she says under her breath, also she repeats Philippians 4:6. “Do not be anxious about anything.” This scripture straightens her, she washed her face, and get back to work. But her banker colleagues didn’t decipher why she won’t get on board a plane to see her father. Julissa Arce simply informed them that her family will inform her about the development, and that she might be leaving tomorrow. She didn’t cry since she was on the private wealth management floor.



Other overachievers at Goldman Sachs had a good beginning. Some valedictorians while others were sons or grandsons of the company’s bankers. But Julissa Arce was an undocumented immigrant. Arce owed her Wall Street  bright career  to fake papers  she bought for a few hundred dollars even in a stranger’s living room,Texas. At Goldman Sachs,Wall street, she rose from an intern to analyst, associate, vice president, before becoming a director at Merrill Lynch. Because of  her bogus papers, she couldn’t travel to see her family when her father died in Taxco de Alarcón hours after the 2007 phone call, because she couldn’t have come back.

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Soledad O Brien And Julissa Arce

She is the author of My (Underground) American Dream  when Arce go public with her story, The President elect daughter Ivanka tweeted: “We love this story about an undocumented immigrant who worked her way up on Wall Street.”

Julissa Arce | LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/julissaarce


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