Tactical Pen : Best Tactical Pen Review, Tactical Pen Amazon


Tactical Pen : Best Tactical Pen Review, Tactical Pen AmazonTactical Pen

Report as shown that 95% of American households are yet not prepared for emergency for the fact that ordinary knife simply do not produce enough defense in case of emergencies. Majority of people underestimate the importance of having a great tactical pen. Our present world where natural disasters and terrorism are becoming much prevalent, it’s now more relevant than ever to have the right tactical pen.

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According to recent report, tactical pen is one of the Most Underestimated Tool for Personal Defense

Many firefighter, police officers,hunters, military forces and campers now know.

However, there is a tremendous rise in EDC small self defense items; also known as Every Day Carry items in our lives such as tactical pen that can be used as weapons. A lot of our everyday things can be used as a weapon.   It’s advisable for your own daily activities, to get a self defense pen, not just an ordinary pen, a tactical pen to be use for self defense:

  • My phone : I would rather call for help instead, and much like mace, I might be shaking so bad to actually place the call.
  • Keys: if I can find them…
  • Umbrella: yeah, I don’t really carry one daily, unless it is already raining (this may launch another topic about being prepared).
  • Lipstick: he explained a great deal about marking locations and chemicals but I zoned out.
  • My bag: yes, I can use it, but it can also be easily used against me, increasing the chances of me being completely helpless, and what if it’s a Prada?Tactical Pen


Tactical pen is a pen that can be used also as a survival tool and self-defense. The tactical pen can be used as a survival tool in outdoor excursions or outright jungle survival.  It is a simple small item but when used properly, can produce amazing results.cbd oilcbd oil

Self defense classes can prepare you for specific scenarios, and help you learn to react,  but let’s face it, the chances of those lessons sticking in our minds and the making the “correct” response is close to nil.Tactical Pen


  1. It is not illegal (in most cases), no papers, no legal documents,
  2. It is usually inconspicuous and can pass airport checks and body frisking.
  3. It is multi functional, hey, it’s a pen plus a self defense pen, plus plus.
  4. Relatively affordable. Costs a lot less than an armor and weighs less too.
  5. Easy to carry and a bad-ass accessory for land travels
  6. Historically effective.


The survival pen is fundamentally a combination of a pen and a simple weaponized stick.  Some of the more common terms of weaponized stick are the Kubotan from the Hashi stickKoppo stick or Yawara stick. Historically, a common wooden stick or a variation thereof is a simple everyday item used in martial arts.

As a handheld weapon, it could be used in a close-quarter encounter; in the movies, long-pliant bamboo is usually used to inflict pain and ward-off the antagonist.  The seemingly well choreographed moves imitates a dance with the ever present elements of hitting the head, shoulder, limbs and striking the midsection.

A shorter version, the stick, may be used the same way to strike or poke or even render someone immovable. The survival pen a descendant of the weaponized stick.


Surprisingly, the tactical pen makes a pretty good self-defense weapon.  Yes, it may not spew 100mph fast bullets or lash out laser beams but it will not leave you, intentionally. Since it is a derivative of historical hand-held weapons, the tactical pen is ideal for close-quarter situations.

The idea is that the pen is held in your dominant hand, grip the pen’s body for stability and in preparation to strike the attacker.  It is important to note that the tip of the pen points downwards.

Tactical Pen

Basically and practically, tactical pen uses are:

  1. For bluffing.
  2. For creating a leverage.
  3. For striking.    
  4. For stabbing, multiple times.   Tactical Pen
  5. For writing.
  6. Breaking glass.  Tactical Pen
  7. DNA Collection.   

 When I carry my tactical pen I sometimes have Voltaire’s ironic words in my head “To hold a pen is to be at war.”   




Pen QualityAluminum
FeaturesGlass breaking tip
Size and weight6.6” / .3 ounces
PriceLearn More
Plus FactorClip on Function
made in The U.S.

This self defense pen has the glass breaker tip on one end and the writing tip on the other.  It is a ball point pen and writes amazingly well. As a writing tool, the ink cartridge is refillable too. Like the first three, the UZI defender is made of aluminum steel so it is lightweight.

This one gives the other noted best tactical pens in the market a run for its money, an expert’s tactical pen review bravely challenged by stating that Uzi pen isn’t as slick as the Gerber Impromptu, but it is cheaper.


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