Ten Entrepreneurs Who Became Wealthy During Recession.

Ten Entrepreneurs Who Became Wealthy During Recession. Entrepreneurs It’s usually easy to lose hope during recession because the economy’s in a slump. There are massive jobs loss, businesses and companies close their doors and budgets get tight, to succeed will seems unattainable. However, there’s often room for growth and new opportunities even in economic downturns especially...

A drug that dramatically reduces the risk of being infected with HIV by 86% now on NHS

A drug that dramatically reduces the risk of HIV
A drug that dramatically reduces the risk of being infected with HIV will now be given to patients by the NHS in England. REDUCE THE RISK OF HIV The health service recently lost a court battle in the summer after quarrelling with those responsible for paying for it should fall to local authorities not the NHS. For...

Mrs Folorunsho Alakija, One Of The Richest Black Woman In The World Shared Her Success Secretes

Mrs Folorunsho Alakija, One Of The Richest Black Woman
Mrs Folorunsho Alakija, Nigerian Billionaire. Alakija Shares The Secrets To Her Success Which Has Taken Over 30 Years To Accomplish! Mrs Folorunsho Alakija Mrs Folorunsho Alakija, Nigerian business tycoon and one of the world richest black women, 80th Power Women in the world (2016) second in Africa, Forbes list has a  $1.74 billion fortune, source Of Wealth is oil and gas...

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John Oliver: ‘Dangerous’ Donald Trump’s Scandals Far Worse Than Hillary Clinton’s

The ‘Last Week Tonight’ host broke down the so-called scandals associated with the two presidential candidates and found Trump’s to be far, far worse. On the eve of the first presidential debate, a broadcast event moderated by NBC News’ Lester Holt that’s expected to attract as many as 100 million viewers, John Oliver returned to...

A Los Angeles man married his SMARTPHONE to prove his love

Man marries his SMARTPHONE in a bizarre Las Vegas ceremony to prove how 'precious phones have become in our daily lives' I do? Aaron Chervenak of Los Angeles married his cell at The Little Vegas Chapel in Nevada  Aaron Chervenak, 34, of Los Angeles  traveled to Vegas just so he could say ‘I do’ to his...

Scientific Research Proves That Gay and Transgenders Were Not ‘Born That Way’

According to a new report by Johns Hopkins University researchers reveals that scientific evidence fails to support the “born that way” theory of gay (sexual orientation). Also, there is “no evidence” that “all children who express gender-atypical thoughts or behavior should be encouraged to become transgender,” the findings state. The report was written by Lawrence...

Dr. Gerry Landry heart attack led to near-death experience in heaven,Says ‘I saw Jesus in heaven and He knew my name.’

Being doctor  at the University of Texas Health Center, Dr. Gerry Landry, 55, knew he was having a heart attack one day at home when he felt overwhelming fatigue and crushing pain in his chest. He immediately alerted his wife who called an ambulance to take him to the hospital where he worked, the University...

Simone Manuel,First African American Black Woman To Win An Olympic Swimming Medal.

  Simone Manuel took the world by surprise on Thursday night, as she became the first African American woman to win an Olympic gold in an individual swimming event. Simone Ashley Manuel (born August 2, 1996) is an American competition swimmer specializing in sprint freestyle “The gold medal wasn’t just for me. It was for people that...

Olympic Gold Medalist Gabrielle Douglas hopes to glorify God as an athlete and loves sharing her faith.

U.S. Olympic gymnast Gabrielle Douglas is the first woman of colour to ever win an individual all-around competition, and she is happy how her success is helping her proclaim God’s glory to the world. “It was definitely important for me to praise God because He’s given me this God-given talent to go out there and...


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