CBD Free Trial Scam Offers – Cannabidiol Sample Dangers & Risks?


CBD Free Trial Scam Offers – Cannabidiol Sample Dangers & Risks?

CBD Free Trial Scam Offers

CBD Free Trial Scam Offers CBD SCAM ALERT

The most tempting thing to do without online is “free sample” or free trial bottle. Get a FREE trial bottle of CBD oil.” is now almost taken over the internet especially when shopping for CBD online, the manufacturer will demand that you pay for just the handling and shipping fee through your debit or credit card.

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And this usually comes with a 10 to 14 days free trial and a monthly subscription fee that is payable later in return for the free sample of the product being advertised.  CBD Free Trial Scam Offers

CBD Free Trial Scam Offers

The “free trial bottle” strategy being use by many brands is one of the oldest scams in the online market. Though some of the brands that are genuine use this with good intention.

And others use it to catch in on the gullibility and forgetful nature of people, especially because of the present economic challenges.

Hence most people get charged when they forget to cancel your subscription which is the terms and conditions of these “free trial bottle” offers.

CBD SCAM ALERT – CBD Trial Orders Online Are Fraudulent So Be Cautious

How To Avoid CBD Free Trial Scam Offers?

Everything that has original also has counterfeit, while we have genuine companies that give cbd free trial to prove their products authenticity, some are out to scam innocent citizens of their hard earned money by these unscrupulous companies:

Below are the ways to avoid cbd free trial scam.

  1. Threaten The Company

Ensure that you call the company customer service that charged your account to cancel your subscription with them. Don’t forget to demand for your refund of any charges except the handling and shipping charges.

Be serious with the customer service and inform them of your intention of filing a “fraud charge-back” with your credit card company if your money is not refunded.

2. Contact Your Bank

To be on the safer side contact your bank or Credit Card Company regarding the situation and ask for a replacement of your existing credit card. This is to guarantee you that this scammers won’t get a hold of your hard earn money anymore.

  1. Limit Excessive charges

Inform your bank or credit card company that you did not authorize excess charges other than the small shipping charge.  

  1. Please Only Order CBD Oil From Reputable website.

Don’t give up or regret because you were scammed online. Just take it an experience and do proper research before buying CBD oil, by ensuring that you buy cbd oil free trials from only reputable website.

And avoid fake CBD reviews and promos, most of them are promoting CBD for the sole purpose of earning affiliate commissions without checking the authenticity of the brand. Click here to visit a reputable brand


  1. READ The Terms And Conditions

 Always ensure that you read over the section of the document titled “Terms for Trial Offers and Subscriptions” properly before placing your order. This is to avoid being scammed.


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CBD Free Trial Scam Offers

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  1. Be real careful. I disputed the charge with my credit card carrier and found out a lot. 1-the product I received has a label showing CDX Labs in Chicago, 2-the my billing was from an international source (England) 3- the office for customer service is in California. 4- to top it off they bill as the product is grocery. The only way I was able to communicate with Botanicallife was through the CC carrier. Botanicallife make it extremely hard to ask questions or get any info. I stopped this because I did not recognize any benefit from the product.


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