Nick Vujicic Reveals The Bible Passage That Helped Him Find God’s Plan For His Life & Why He Was Born Without Legs & Arms.


Nick Vujicic


God’s Miraculous Plan – Nick Vujicic

God has given Nick Vujicic and the ministry of Life Without Limbs a unique calling. Armed with the power of the Holy Spirit and a testimony of Hope, Nick and the Life Without Limbs ministry is taking a huge step of faith to share the Good News of the Gospel around the world. Nick Vujicic is a New York Times Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Entrepreneur. One of his amazing quote is: nick

Nick Vujicic was born in Melbourne, Australia, 1982, with a born with phocomelia, a rare disorder, he is a motivational speaker and a Christian evangelist whose net worth is $500 thousand.

And his parents had no idea that he was going to be born without arms or legs. He is the only one that was ever born without limbs. Nick Vujicic faith in Jesus Christ was sealed after seven years of wondering he was born that way.

The Lord answered me very clearly through John, chapter 9, and he gave his life to Jesus at the age of 15 after reading about how he came across a man who was born blind. ..” I’m like hey, hold on a second, this looks interesting” said Nick Vujicic. And no one knew why he was born that way, He is like, perfect!

So he read on, and in verse three of the ninth chapter, Jesus said it was done so that the works of God would be revealed through him. Nick Vujicic said God, if you had a plan for the blind man, HE do have a plan for him too.



Watch and share the video below, and pray about how you can partner with Life Without Limbs and join this God-inspired mission to reach the lost with a message of Hope.

“If just one more person finds eternal life in Jesus Christ… it is all worth it!”-Nick Vujicic


Nick Vujicic Youtube Video

That was the beginning of his personal relationship with Jesus.Youth groups were starting to call Nick Vujicic, churches were starting to call me, opportunities were opening up everywhere for him to share his testimony. He was speaking in front of 300 sophomore public high school students. Three minutes into it, half the girls were crying. One girl in the middle of the room started weeping.

She put up her hand, and she said “I’m so sorry to interrupt, but can I come up there and give you a hug.”In front of everyone, she came and she hugged him, she cried on his shoulder, and whispered in his ear “no one’s ever told me that they loved me, no one’s ever told me that I’m beautiful the way that I am.” He couldn’t believe it; it changed his life.

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At that moment, Nick Vujicic know God was ministering to her through him. It’s not by his speech or my power; it was God. And his heart was ignited with a passion, and it was an awesome day to see one soul transformed forever.


That was when He knew that he was called to be a worldwide evangelist.Today, do not leave here unchanged. Leave here unchained.You just don’t know what God can do with your broken pieces until you give God your broken piecesI want you to know when you fall down, God’s grace is a vision.

And God’s hand will come down and pick you up;Give you the strength to get back up. In the first seven years of ministry God opened up doors for him to speak 2000 times across 44 countries on six continents.from university campuses, 40,000 students in China, to India, where he was talking to sex slaves,to crowds in the jungle of India, 110,000 people.

Alsp, in Down to Indonesia and all of southeast Asia to speaking at congresses of nations, like Colombia and Costa Rica, where you see the leaders of the nation commit that country to the Lord Jesus.


To Korea and speaking to the next generation about depression and suicide, and to Eastern Europe where we did Serbia,Slovenia, and Croatia. And then doors in the Middle East with the message of hope was spread throughout the whole Arab world. That is God. And he said “we know we’ve just begun.

By the grace of God, we have seen face to face half a million souls say yes to Jesus,and be plugged into a local church As crazy as it sounds, our goal at Life Without Limbs Ministry is to preach to every single soul on the planet”. Seven billion people. He believe that this goal is possible, as the holy spirit is gathering an army and building up supporters to accomplish this mission.

But this all takes support. Nick Vujicic ask for your prayers, “pray for us, pray for our board, pray for our staff, and our team. But we could not do this much, where we’ve come this far, without the people who financially support us, in actively sending us to complete the mission before us.

So, we are praying by faith that the holy spirit speaks to you about supporting us and becoming a partner in helping us to accomplish this awesome mission ahead.God is good, and all that I. Alright.My story is the story of redemption. Help us share it with the world so that others will be free indeed.”


The book of Acts tells of the very beginning of the church. “All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship, and to sharing in meals..and to prayer…And all the believers met together in one place and shared everything they had…They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. ” (Acts 2:42-47a) That’s right, the Christian church was started in homes! So often we think of church as a building we go to on Sundays; but the reality is, church is wherever people are gathered.

Nick Vujicic5

I recently went to Colorado to speak at the Night Vision Festival. Although it wasn’t the typical small house church, with over 6000 people in attendance, the festival followed the apostles’ model of church. We all gathered at a large park with our chairs and blankets with the same intent- to praise Him. It was hot, but that didn’t stop us from worshiping together, eating together, and praying together. God was there…at a park…even in the dirt and the heat. Lives were transformed- 236 people accepted the Lord and 130 people rededicated their lives! Praise God!


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