How Smartphone Light Affects Your Brain And Body


How Smartphone Light Affects Your Brain And Body



The brain is the main command center for the human nervous system. which receives signals from the sensory organs of the body and sends output to the muscles for necessary action, It is made up of about 86 billion nerve cells known as neurons — the “gray matter”



According to recent report, the blue lights in the design of our smartphone is very powerful, as we see in tablet, and laptop screens. You know that lights in screens glow very bright so that we can see even during a sunny day. This  light on our smart phones are so bright at night, which make them to be compared to as a “little window” daylight can peer through it. cbd oil

Looking at smartphone in night has effect on your brain.

This Is What Happens To Your Brain And Body When You Check Your Smartphone Before Bed 

The human body is designed to naturally follow a cycle which helps us stay alert and awake during the day and also aid in getting necessary rest in the night. The surprising thing is that when you look at the screen as we’re getting ready for sleep, it gets our brains confused. Because the light has the

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same effect to the sight of the morning sun, that make the brain to stop producing melatonin, that is the hormone in our body that give “time to sleep” signal.  Since light can disrupt the melatonin production in the body, smartphone light can likewise affect your sleep cycle inform of an artificially induced sort of jet lag. Those whose natural melatonin production is disturbed are at a higher risk for different types of cancers


Most times we found it harder to fall and stay asleep — which causes serious health problems to our health. Usually, blue light peaks in the morning, signals your body to wake up and direct exposure to  blue light will cause damage to your retina. Research also shows that it can affect your metal health. Red light increases in the evening, signaling that it is time to go and sleep. American Macular Degeneration Foundation has warn us that retinal damage that is caused by blue light can lead to macular degeneration, that causes the loss of central vision


As part of effects to overcome this problem, most app designers have now created programs  like Apple’s Night Shift mode  and  f.lux  for iPhones, which adjust the light tones that is emitted by screens to remove bright blue light from the display at different times of day. This has make the effects of these apps and the orange tint they create to be less harsh on our eyes. However, there’s some research which shows that the dimmer light can improve sleep, but more study is still  needed on the topic in general.

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Though there is tremendous improvement on the smartphone light, there are still other things we are doing with our smartphones which are also not favourable for a good sleep. You know that when you’re just trying to sleep and a late night work email pops up, it can wreck your sleep than the shutting down of your melatonin production.

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You have to try and form of steer clear of screens in general before you fall asleep by keeping your smartphones out of your bed to get good sleep and a sound and healthy brain!


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