Has Virginity Become A Myth In This Generation?


Dear Teenagers, Youths, Boys and Girls, your virginity is not something to be ashamed of, but rather something to be proud of.

The moment you mention the word virginity, then you begin to get those that will antagonize you immediately, even “Christians”. Their argument is that virginity is not purity; people do all kind of things (kissing, caressing, oral sex etc.) as long as they don’t have sexual intercourse, and then they call themselves virgins.

As much as there might be some facts in the arguments above….My question is why will you choose to think that anyone WHO is a virgin is involving in some other kinds of sexual act?

Second, do you mean to tell me that there are no decent virgins who have kept their sexual purity till marriage?

Third, why do we always choose to rather jump into conclusion, taking sides on the negative side as long as this topic is concerned?

We do not want people to talk about the topic of virginity, whoever does, is criticized. The next thing you will hear is; you are condemning those who have lost their virginity. Virginity is not the key to heaven etc.

To set the record straight, these series of articles that I will be writing is not in any way condemning or criticizing anyone. Rather the purpose of these articles is to encourage our young ones to keep their virginity and sexual purity till marriage.

Yes, virginity might not be a key to heaven, but it might just be the key to avoiding unhealthy relationships, unnecessary heart breaks, sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted and teenage pregnancies etc.

We are leaving in a time when sex is being sold at every corner you turn to. Different kinds of sexual perversions are spreading in our world today, pornography, television shows, movies, adverts, sex magazine, erotic movies and songs etc. all selling sex, just to pervert the heart of young people. Painting a picture that suggests that virginity and sexual purity is a myth (impossible or unattainable).


People are proud of doing what is wrong, and try to shout out those who are doing what is right.

Virginity in our generation today is termed old-fashioned; hence, every young person wants to get rid of their virginity. Those who are virgins hide it for the fear of being ostracized.

Our children from the tender age of five and above are already sexually active. Many of them are being sexually abused by adults. Teenagers are being trapped into the sexual act by peer pressure.

Teenage pregnancy is increasing by the day. Sexual transmitted diseases on the rampant. Yet anyone who dares to talk about sexual abstinence or virginity is tagged as judging or criticizing.

No that has to challenge!

Our young people need to know what the truth is. They need to have a role model that is doing what is right. Not some porn stars and prostitutes modeling the wrong values to them. We have to speak out for what we believe in. we need to direct our youths right. So let the campaign for virginity, abstinence, and sexual purity begin!
And yes there is nothing wrong with keeping your virginity to marriage.

Your virginity is your pride, oh yes! It is very fashionable.

Your virginity is something to be celebrated and not ashamed of.

The next time your friends try to talk you down or belittle you because you are still a virgin, let them know that what you have they have lost, and can never have it again.

They can never be like you anymore, but any day you decide to be like them, you can be like them is not difficult.

What you have is priceless and there is no value to what they have.

Why? It’s simple, there is nothing like safe sex outside marriage.

Never allow yourself to be intimidated again because you are a virgin. Rather celebrate your innocence and your pride.

For those of you who might have lost your virginity, either willing or unwilling through (rape or sexual abuse) don’t beat yourself up.


There is what I call secondary virginity.

I have divided virginity into primary and secondary groups:

Primary virgins are those who have kept their virginity from birth, those who have never been sexually active.

Secondary virgins are those who have been sexually active previously but have now chosen to practice abstinence till marriage. Both categories are priceless and are saved from unnecessary head and heart aches.

Say no to premarital sex! Sex can wait!! Sex is not love!!!

A relationship whose only bond is sex will not last. Be wise and avoid unnecessary heart breaks. If he/she loves you they will wait.


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By Dr. Bien Sufficient

Dr. Bien Sufficient is a Medical Doctor, Pastor, Writer and a Public Speaker.President @Kingdom Lifestyle Movement.


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